Film Fest

MATA-TV will host its first inaugural Film Festival on June 4-5, 2018 in the MATA-TV studio. Students from Monroe’s TV and Film Production program will display their final, best film projects for peers, parents and public!  A team of judges will select the top film to be awarded a cash prize and bragging rights. Scroll down to read details.

Each student is responsible for entering his/her film through an official application (see the form below). The MATA-TV Film Festival is free and open to the public. More detailed information will be announced in late April. Help make this inaugural year the standard for what’s to come.

STUDENT FILM REQUIREMENTS: Each film must be an original work created and shot by the filmmaker. Library stock audio soundtracks are allowable.

  • GENRES: Documentary, Drama, Comedy, Horror, Animation (school and age appropriate)
  • LENGTH: No more than 20 minutes total running time
  • DEADLINE: All submissions are due NO LATER than 5pm on Friday, May 18, 2018