Students for Hire

We have some very talented students who are looking for freelance opportunities that exist in video, television and film production, where they can apply what they learn, as well as expand their knowledge in a real-world setting. Such collaboration is integral in helping to fulfill marketplace needs for low-cost contract work. If you have a job announcement for video/media/film/television/talent work, please use the form below to submit your request.

Note: Approved requests will be posted in class and on the website as a job announcement. Students who are interested will reach out to the posted contact. MATA TV does not facilitate work-for-hire projects. We post them and let students (and their parents) take it from there. Students have some limited ability to check out studio equipment for use and work on client projects during school hours, but we are not responsible for selecting students for your project, negotiating rates, filing tax forms, invoicing, paying them or making one-on-one referrals. (If you have a larger project you’d like to have embedded into our class curriculum, with students working as a team, consider becoming a business partner and sponsoring a capstone class project.)

If you’re a filmmaker in need of studio space and/or equipment, please include that in the job description section of your request.

To preview a potential job candidate’s work, we recommend that you request a video sample reel from each candidate you are considering for your opening. Please do not contact the classroom instructor regarding your requests or individual students.