MTC-MATA TV is an online news, entertainment and media content channel published by the television and film production program at Monroe Technology Center (MTC) and Monroe Advanced Technology Academy (MATA) in Leesburg, VA. The site is managed under the direction of MTC-MATA’s Television and Digital Film Production instructor Tara Wall and welcomes the support of business and community underwriters.

With an audience that reaches students, parents, community partners and the greater global online universe, MTC-MATA TV, is designed to provide a platform for First Amendment expression as well as perspective and depth into what’s happening in career and technical education, Loudoun County Public Schools (LCPS) programs, and the greater Loudoun community.

MTC-MATA’s Television and Digital Film Production department is a working classroom and fully operational studio where junior and senior high school students gain real-world experience creating start to finish productions for their personal portfolios, classroom projects, the MTC-MATA TV channel and local business partners.

Job posting announcements are accepted here, for those looking to hire our storytellers at reduced industry rates.