2018 MATA-TV Film Festival

MATA-TV hosted its first inaugural Digital Film Festival June 4-12, 2018. Students from Monroe’s Television Production and Digital Moviemaking program presented their best capstone film and video projects for peers and instructors to watch and vote on, then a team of judges selected the top short to be awarded a prize and bragging rights. Scroll down to see the winners and watch their shorts.


TOP PRIZE AWARDED TO: Mai Senser for “Thumbs Up”

RUNNER UP: Tyler Cadenas for “Crisis Averted”

A DAY: Students created an original music video using a song from the 80’s-90’s

TOP PRIZE AWARDED TO: Kainoa Presbitero for “Gary Come Home”

(Music videos not available for external viewing)

B DAY: Students created a short film (documentary, drama, comedy or horror) that runs no more than 20 minutes.

TOP PRIZE AWARDED TO: Mai Senser for “Thumbs Up”

Be sure to check out our YouTube channel to see other original shorts that were selected and voted on for the 2018 MATA TV Film Festival.